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HMS Maori

Dive Location: Valletta
Diver Level: OWD
Dive Max Depth: 14m
Dive Access: Boat Dive
Dive Type: Wreck Dive
Description: HMS Maori joined HMS Cossack’s division in January 1939, and was the last Tribal to go to war in the Mediterranean. She joined her sister Tribals in convoy escort duties before returning to the United Kingdom in October. She did mostly North Sea patrols until April 1940 when she took part in the Norwegian campaign. On the 5th of June, she was part of a fleet sailing to Iceland looking for German warships and then on June 20th she was sent to the Faeroe Islands. In January 1941, the HMS MAORI joined HMS COSSACK, HMS SIKH and HMS ZULU, in convoy escort duty in the Western Approaches. While engaged in this work, the destroyers participated in the search of the BISMARK. On 12th February 1941, while anchored at the entrance of Dockyard Creek, she was hit by a bomb that found it’s way into her Engine and Gear Room. The Tribal blew up and despite all effort to save her sank, her forepart still showing above water. The wreck was scuttled outside Grand Harbour, the front half now lying in 14 m of water inside Marsamxetto Harbour..


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