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Special 5mtr and 9 Mtr certifications for pleasure and boat owners please click here.

Madonna Statue

Dive Location: Cirkewwa
Diver Level: OWD
Dive Max Depth: 18m
Dive Access: Shore Dive
Dive Type: Reef Dive

The Madonna Statue is the ideal diving site to explore during your holiday in Malta as it is suitable for both Open Water Divers and more experienced ones. One of the main attractions of this dive is the Virgin Mary Statue which was donated, and placed by the Amphibians Diving Club over 25 years ago. It sits in a small natural cavern in 18m of water..

The dive starts from the shore with an easy access through a 1m deep pool and offers diving around shallow plateaus of maximum 10m. As you continue out towards the point from the Madonna, you'll come to some attractive overhangs covered in golden zoanthids (Parazoanthus axinellae). More experienced divers can dive off the plateau until around 30m.

The wall has several tunnels as well as two amazing swim-troughs. This dive site is also popular for fantastic night dives. Be prepared to see interesting marine life such as amberjacks, barracuda, and scorpion fish and if you're lucky, you might even see trigger fish.


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