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Special 5mtr and 9 Mtr certifications for pleasure and boat owners please click here.


Our Services include: -

Boat selvage:
Lifting of boats after heavy rain storms or collisions with lifting bags and towing to shore.

Boat underwater recovery:
Searching for lost boats.

Underwater surveys:
Surveys of chains, moorings, boat hulls, concrete and steel jetties, cables and pipes. 

Fish farm surveys: 
Surveys of nets, moorings, chains, rings, plates, ropes, weights.

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Underwater works:
Where it comes to concrete and steel jetties, underweater pipes, underwater fixtures.

Boat moorings (new & repair):
Survey of old moorings, checking concrete block, chain, rope, buoy. 
Installing new moorings from concrete block up to the boat.

Boat cleaning:
Cleaning of hulls of boat, yachts or cabin cruisers underwater.

Deep underwater works and surveys (over 50 metres):
Work involves: technical diving with trimix over 50-60 m like fish farm moorings, anchor recovery, archeological surveys.

Anchor / chain recovery:
Recovery of ship / boat’s chain or anchor.

Survey of flora and fauna: 
Survey and collecting samples of sea algae for environmental tests.
Collecting of sea algae for medical purpose.
Collecting of sea algae for cosmetic purpose.

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For insurance purposes a detailed written report with pictures will be given on every work based on an estimate to the convenience for our clients.